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Joe R. East, Jr.

Novelist and Woodworker

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Joe was born in Houston, Mississippi on June 24, 1945. He attended Houston High School and graduated in 1963. He joined the U.S. Air Force immediately after graduation. During his four years in the Air Force, Joe served as a non-morse intercept operator with duty assignments in San Antonio, Texas; Biloxi, Mississippi; San Angelo, Texas; Crete, Greece; and Brindisi, Italy.

After his military service, Joe attended Mississippi State University and earned a bachelor of science degree in general business with minors in management, accounting, and economics.

While attending college, he joined the Army National Guard and attended Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia; attended Field Artillery Officer Basic Course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma; and served in a 155mm field artillery battalion.

After earning his degree, Joe was hired by the U.S. Army as a civil service employee with duty at Red River Army Depot in Texarkana, Texas; Army Materiel Command Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia; Army Logistics Management College in Fort Lee, Virginia; and Huntsville, Alabama.

During his assignment at Fort Lee, Joe was elected and served as a city councilman in Petersburg, Virginia for 16 years and earned a masters degree in management science from Florida Institute of Technology.

Joe's final assignment was establishing and operating the U.S. Army Acquistion Center of Excellence in Huntsville, Alabama.

Joe retired from the U.S. Government with 42 years of service and currently resides in Madision, Alabama where he spends time building furniture, writing novels, playing golf, traveling, and watching lots of television.

He is married to Joan East and they have a combined family consisting of 4 children, 7 grand children, and 8 great grand children. Joe and Joan live with three dogs (Socrates, Aristotle, and Randy) which are treated like royalty.

picture of Joe's dogs

Joe has two novels published, one unpublished, and a fourth is being written. These books tell stories about people in a variety of settings incorporating science fiction, war, adventure, and romance. Click on the book titles of the published novels to get more information about each book.

Base Camp Freedom is a story about the members of a small Marine unit assigned to protect America's mining colony on the Moon. These Marines face danger posed by mega corporations from other nations whose goal is to monopolize space mining operations. Click here for a description of the main characters.

Click here to order your copy of Base Camp Freedom

An Unfortunate War is a story about a distant planet (named Haven) being invaded by Earth. Earth needs more food for its people and wants to send millions of immigrants to increase food production on Haven. The inhabitants of Haven do not want this influx of settlers and are prepared to defend their sovereignty. Click here for a description of the main characters.

Click here to order your copy of An Unfortunate War

Thor's Hammer is the tentative name of Joe's third novel. This is a story set in the future where mercenary units are chartered by the United Nations and are widely used to protect property and enforce civil court decisions. The story centers around two men, their women, and their quest to become recognized as the best warrior within the Mercenary Guild. Note: This novel is unpublished at this time.

Transplanting Donnie is the tentative name of Joe's fourth novel. This story is about a wealthy executive whose damaged frontal lobe is replaced by a portion of an organ donor's healthy brain. An error occurs during the surgery when a small portion of the donor's temporal lobe is transplanted into the recipient's brain. The remainder of the story is devoted to the executive's struggle to understand, adapt, and accept the additional memories. Note: This novel is in-process.

Joe's father was a carpenter and commercial contractor who gave him training in woodworking and construction. Joe currently designs and builds custom furniture in his home workshop using a variety of woods including hickory, maple, oak, poplar, butternut, walnut, and pine. Here are examples of items Joe has built:

  1. Bedroom Furniture
    • Chest of Drawers
    • Night Stand

  2. Dining Room Furniture
    • Buffet
    • Hutch
    • Wine Rack

  3. Living Room Furniture
    • Sofa
    • Coffee Table
    • Entertainment Center
    • End Table

  4. Kitchen Furnishings
    • Spice Rack
    • Chairs

  5. Bathroom Furnishings
    • Clothes Hamper
    • Shower Chair

  6. Office Furniture
    • Desk
    • Bookcase
    • Credenza

  7. Church Furnishings
    • Tabernacle
    • Book/Music Stand
    • Wooden Crosses

  8. Arts and Crafts
    • Doll Cradle
    • Outdoor Play Kitchen
    • Jewelry Box
    • Quilt Rack
    • Table Top Reading Stand
    • Stools
    • Benches
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